When you choose to get a puppy from an Avidog Associate Breeder you know you have chosen someone who has agreed that they will:

    • Focus on making each and every puppy the best it can be, whether it will be a competition dog, working dog or a family pet.
    • Carefully select their puppies’ parents, focusing heavily on the mom and dad’s health and temperament
    • Take special care of their dog moms prior to and during pregnancy to help their kids handle stress better, by:
      • providing optimal nutrition
      • keeping them in excellent physical condition
      • providing enrichment to their daily lives
      • limiting their stress
    • Provide neonatal care that will set the foundation for their puppies’ lifetime health and temperament
    • Create an enriching environment for their pups, from 3 weeks of age until they go home, in order to develop their brains and bodies
    • Intensely socialize their pups, being sure they meet a minimum of 50 different people before they go to their new homes
    • Create developmental opportunities for their puppies that will set them up for a lifetime of engagement with people
      Send their puppies home no earlier than 8 weeks of age

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